Bio-Hazard Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning | Collinsville IL

Bio-Hazard Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning | Collinsville IL 618-343-0168One of the most important times that home and business owners know they can trust the professional cleaning services of Bio Fresh Cleaning is when their property has become a crime or accident scene. Our Bio-Hazard Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning has gained a first-rate reputation among customers, law enforcement officials, investigators and other first responders who deal with the consequences of violent crime, industrial accidents, murders, suicides and tear gas cleanup.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of crime scenes involves the clean up of materials ranging from blood, chemicals, body parts or other substances which can present a toxic hazard to the occupants of the building or location where the incident occurred. Fortunately, Bio Fresh Cleaning offers 24/7 access to experienced professionals who are specialists at Bio-Hazard Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning. Our special knowledge and ability enables our professionals to handle removing toxic and dangerous substances in order to clean and sanitize the area to restore it to its previous condition.

For superior Professional Bio-Hazard Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning, customers have peace of mind knowing that Bio Fresh Cleaning offers fast response during a very stressful time, arriving at the scene within one to three hours of any call for assistance. Our services include professional clean up of a wide range of residue left at crime and trauma scenes, including blood, chemicals, hoarding garbage, tear gas and bacterial infection. Our work crews comply with all local, state and federal regulations regarding crime scene clean up and work with the client’s insurance coverage to provide this specialized service. When tragedy strikes and the situation demands the best Professional Bio-Hazard Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning Services, trust the compassionate and caring experts at Bio Fresh Cleaning.