Hoarding Cleanup | Collinsville IL

Hoarding Cleanup | Collinsville IL 618-343-0168The benefits of Professional Hoarding Cleanup are numerous and are extremely helpful. Bio Fresh Cleaning can help you with your dilemma.

The main factor is that our professional trained technicians can pitch right in to “hold your hand” at an emotional distance and help you quickly determine what you want to keep and what you can get rid of in order to make your home and life much more livable.

Hoarding is an excessive collecting of personal items, worthless stuff and/or trash without the ability to throw things away and thus create living conditions that become unbearable and cannot be admitted or shown to family and friends because of the embarrassment of only small pathways to get around the “stuff”.

You are not alone. Two to five percent of the world’s population has some degree of issue with hoarding! So there are millions of people in just the United States alone that join you in the desire to want to clean up but not knowing how to do so.

Our organizational experts are caring and compassionate and make no judgments. They will help you determine if each item is something you need or really want to keep as a prized or valuable possession or to make you happier. If you really have no more use for the item or it is just in your way, get rid of it and create breathing space in your home. The remaining possessions can be organized in a way that will be attractive and take up much less space.