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Mattress Cleaning | Collinsville IL 618-343-0168Getting a good night’s rest while sleeping on a clean and comfortable mattress is one of the supreme joys of a good life. But if its been several years since you purchased your brand new mattress, it may be just the right time to invest in the professional mattress cleaning services of Bio Fresh Cleaning. The trusted experts at Bio Fresh Cleaning are experts at deep cleaning mattresses in order to restore them to clean-smelling, like-new freshness.

Over the course of time, dirt, bacteria, body oils and sweat invade the fibers of your mattress, not only reducing its longevity but also creating a less than sanitary place to enjoy a good night’s sleep. In addition, the presence of dust mites and other allergens can make it increasingly difficult to enjoy sleeping on your mattress the way you did when it was first delivered from the store.

A quality mattress represents a sizeable investment for most individuals, and taking good care of it through the professional mattress cleaning services offered by Bio Fresh Cleaning is the smart way to not only extend its usefulness but also provide a much more enjoyable sleep experience. Our service is quick and affordable and scheduled at the customer’s convenience. Our deep cleaning process is safe and natural and does not use any chemical substances harmful to people or the mattress’s natural fibers. The result of a Bio Fresh Cleaning Professional Mattress Cleaning process is a sanitized, clean and fresh-smelling mattress guaranteed to give sleepers plenty of pleasant dreams.